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Litigator is an online litigation tool that is designed by litigation attorneys.
The Litigator system provides a Secure Cloud Based Registry, offering a broad range of functionality relevant to
participants in the litigation process, including lawyers, clients and expert witnesses.

Online Indexing & Pagination

Litigator produces an automated index containing the case details and the indexed documents related to the case and court in which the user is working. Perfectly paginated court bundles are created in a fraction of the time required to create the same bundles manually.
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Service & Filing of Litigation Documents

Litigator facilitates the electronic service and filing of documents in litigation matters, avoiding the hassles associated with physical delivery. Each electronic service and filing is certified by way of a system generated certificate of service and proof of court filing.
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Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES)

Subscribers to Litigator are issued with a Class 4 AES enabling them to sign documents whilst working in the platform, thus creating original documents as required by the ECT Act and Rules of court. Users can sign automatically generated Court Notices in “The Cloud”.
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